SoulStar Connection Service



Bio-Muscular Feedback

Applied Kinesiology seeks to find the underlying and root causes for health concerns (syndromes) that seem to baffle the established medical community. Whether you have received a diagnosis from a medical professional or you are simply not feeling your best, bio-muscular feedback is used to establish whether the diagnosis you received, or your current concern, is perhaps rooted in something completely different, and often seemingly unrelated, that can be addressed and corrected, thus sometimes assisting in reversing what is termed an “auto-immune” disease. Often there is a seemingly unrelated or unknown trauma, family trauma, belief system or sub- clinical syndrome (underlying and not yet detected by normal testing means) that is sitting at the root of the “dis-ease”.  Medical tests are compared to a bell curve of normality, but what if your normal is in the 5%? Afterall, everyone is different and may not fit into the normal curve tested for.

 There are no blood tests or invasive, expensive tests. We use your body’s innate knowledge to dial into your innate blueprint.  We sometimes utilise vials containing the essence of the syndrome by placing them on the body to test if these are indeed present in the body. We can then test for the appropriate natural support protocol to begin the healing process. If you are looking for answers, please reach out and book an appointment.