Tracy is proud to guide you back to yourself with her

Connection Services

Tracy makes use of ALL her modalities in her sessions, so you don't need to feel overwhelmed by the variety of choice on her menu. She gets the best results with a mash up of all her talents, knowledge and skills to tailor each session based on what you need at the time of your you see her. That's right! You get ALOT of value from your appointment being assessed and helped by a Transformational Guide like Tracy who absolutely loves her fingerprint craft and has a passion and knack for wellness and universal knowledge integration. The more you know about yourself and Earth, the easier it is to find your place on the world.

Tracy's Modalities

Applied Kinesiology

Bio-Muscular Feedback


Cell Communication


Holistic Energy System

Family Constellations

TransGenerational Healing


Decoding Human Performance


Soul Expansion


Aura BioMagnetism


Past, Present & Future Lives

Weight Management

Kinesio Balance System

Distance Healing Sessions

Healing Wherever You Are In The World