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Do prayer and distance healing sessions really work? Dr Ka'imi Pilipovich, in conjunction with The Centre for Bio field Sciences, put together research to illustrate that distance healing really does have a measurable effect on the systems of the body. Dr Pilipovich presented this research at the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, ISSSEEM conference. The talk was received enthusiastically and Ka'imi brought awareness of BodyTalk and its potential to the scientific community. The theme of the ISSSEEM conference was evidence-based spirituality with a particular focus to the question, "Does prayer and psychic healing really work, and can this ability be shared more effectively and more widely?" The pilot study was designed to measure real-time changes in the human energy field during a distance BodyTalk session to demonstrate the efficacy of this technique. All subjects were at the Centre for Bio field Sciences iPune, India. Distance BodyTalk sessions were sent by Dr Don Ka'imi Pilipovich from his clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Two bio-field scanning devices were used to scan the subjects, and Medical Thermal Imaging scans were also taken before and after the sessions. All experimental subjects reported positive changes in health two days after the sessions. The bio-field scans revealed noticeable changes in subjects during the sessions.

LifePrintOS founder, Justin Furness, explains it like this…..


Think of a distance treatment in the same manner you would a satellite signal; let’s use an analogy of a TV. The TV set is your body, the tube is your mind and senses, the antennae is your heart-brain. The heart is no longer considered a muscle; although it does function as a pump, the heart has more neurological connections than anything else and even produces hormones. Read more:


So, when the TV is switched on and there is a clear environment/signal being received through the antennae (heart) the picture looks GREAT. This means that bad weather would disrupt this signal and make our view distorted. To us “humans”, this would relate to both our internal state of being, our physiology, anatomy and consciousness and our external environments relating to how we interact with our world and the rest of the beings in it (biofeedback). These ARE DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL; we interpret this signal through our hearts (antennae) and minds (tube) which are made up of our senses and belief systems (projections) of which 90% are formed in-utero until you were aged 6, and that in turn will affect your viewing pleasure or experience of life.


Now This TV emits a signal or frequency. Everyone has a unique signal or frequency that, like chapters in a novel, have stored all the experiences of life onto its hard drive (fascia). When the signal malfunctions, the appropriately qualified BodyTalk practitioner has the ability to tune into your TV set, very much like a decoder interprets different programs or channels. The BodyTalk practitioner is then able to make priority adjustments indicated by your own innate awareness to self-heal. By improving the interpretation of the signal, you are therefore able to improve your body physiology and anatomy, your mind -belief systems and consciousness (conscious and sub-conscious states) and therefore your spirit and experience of life!