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Decoding Human Performance

LifePrintOS Decodes Human Performance

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The LifePrintOS formulas and methodology was launched to evaluate a person, relationship, team or group's baseline behavioural patterns and the required highest driving needs that are necessary to feel valued and fulfilled within life or business. When this is applied, the result is higher engagement, elevated efficiency and happier, more connected people who are inspired and who produce higher quality results consistently.


Expanding on the Evaluation of Human Performance, Perspective & Awareness

There is no doubt in my mind that the world faces a global, behavioural epidemic.  Never before have we seen so many suicides and mental disorders like depression, anxiety and AD(H)D plaguing our media.  As a result, there's been a profound increase in prescriptions -  one that's labelled an entire generation: Generation Medication. What is going to happen when these kids get older, and what happens over the long term...?  The NHS prescribed a record number of antidepressants last year, fuelling an upward trend that has seen the number of pills given to patients more than double over the last decade. - Source The Guardian 29 June 2017. In 2014, the United States indicated that a Grand Total of 8,389,034 kids between the ages of 0 and 17 are on psychiatric medications

SOURCE: IMS, Vector One: National (VONA) and Total Patient Tracker (TPT) Database, Year 2013, Extracted April 2014. Overall, more than five million antidepressant prescriptions were dispensed to youth under 18 between 2010 and 2013 in Canada - SOURCE: Canadian Journal Psychiatry - November 14, 2016


The Pink Elephant - Solutions for the Biggest Challenges

There are numerous challenges we all face when addressing the above stats. The biggest, most obvious, is the BIG FAT PINK ELEPHANT STANDING IN THE ROOM! The prescription-focused behavioural treatment model ELEPHANT that looks at how to label it and fix it as quickly as possible and is not in any way concerned about understanding WHY it's there.  The first step in addressing these challenges is to decode the HumanOS and the mechanism that is driving all behaviour.  We must reverse engineer if we are to stop allowing environmental and illusionary standards set out by society, cultural inheritances or out-dated models and systems that are no longer relevant to dictate what is okay, and not okay, for our own experience of life.


So, if you're waiting to be told or you're doing anything for the approval or recognition from others, or anything outside of yourself, then there's a high probability you're primed to experience life from a Protective Mindset; you're giving power away and making other people or things responsible for your wellbeing and experience of life.  This model of the world gives everything outside of yourself control.  You're playing defence and are in a state of protection.  And that's okay... it's not your fault... it's by design. But when you understand this design, you can affect its outcomes for a higher, energy- rich experience.