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As a child, Tracy felt different, like she did not belong and battled to fit in, and connections during that time were a challenge. As she blossomed into her adult self, she began her journey into herself. She started exploring medicine and science but soon realised that these conventional methods did not seem to help all people. It was not until she saw a donation faith healer in her young adult years that she realised that there was more to this world than just the physical, and her eyes began to open to a wider understanding. She was thirsty in her research; however, this took a back seat to her financial business and motherhood for twenty-five years. In 2009, she came upon BodyTalk, and suddenly things started to fall into place. She now understood that there were systems that could educate and assist our natural intuition, assisting us to clear the blocks that had been put in place by the programming from our environments, genetics and early childhood as well as later traumatic experiences. She added to her toolbox, with many energy modalities, and with all this information, she studied the “missing piece of the puzzle” with the LifePrintOS, allowing her to see how each of us can become clear on our behaviour patterns (our unique Blueprint) and how the reactions and triggers we may experience are often quite natural to our make-up. Understanding ourselves on a conscious level, and then those around us, can lead to a greater connection. The pandemic in 2019 made her more aware of the need to assist young adults of the world, as she had become aware of the disconnect and general dissatisfaction of this group of unique individuals. There was a general malaise and lack of Soul purpose, causing an increase in panic attacks and depression. This was when SoulStars was conceptualised, as we are all made of Stardust, but many do not know why they are on this planet at this time. Tracy believes that understanding yourself, your connections and your programming - unconscious as well as conscious - is the key to removing toxic imprints and experiencing an authentic, happy and joyful life where you can be effective.


What others say?

"... Tracy is one of those real deal kind of gurus who knows a lot about a lot of things that are super complicated and she's able to translate that into simple terms for everyone to understand and even when we don't understand it all, she just gets in there and investigates the causes and then applies her knowledge and gifts to get you back on track. I was a mess for 5 years and she got me through every wave that knocked me down. Not only with me, but my family, who are all VERY different people and speak very different soul languages, so the fact that she is so versatile and pure inside really made all the difference to us in the world. Who knows where we would be if she hadn't been there to teach and heal us... Thank you Tracy for being an authentic healer made of love and for all your amazing work on me, my kin, my clients and friends..."

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