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Aura Biomagnetism

As living beings, we radiate warmth and energy, and we transmit this energy which is part of life force.  Human hands convey warmth, caring and love, especially If the intent comes from the heart. This force has many names in many languages, and many societies have known about it and worked with this life force for eons.  It is called RAUCH in Hebrew, PRANA in India, CH’I in China and KI in Japan, thus the name REIKI. So, Ki is the essential life force of all things – the earth, the planets – in fact all living things – and it is in fact the biomagnetism of the aura.  Once a person is attuned to Reiki, their body’s energy channels have been opened, allowing one to receive an increase in this life energy for one’s own benefit and, at the same time, connecting to the source of all universal KI.  Once a person is attuned to the receiver, they in turn receive a gift that will remain with them for life – with the ability to heal oneself and facilitate the healing of others on all levels: body, mind and spirit.


Tracy is a Master Reiki practitioner who studied and learned this craft and earned her attunement to the Ushi Reiki method of healing. Reiki works in a subtle way, and most people find great relaxation , balance and healing from Reiki sessions.