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Expansion & Connection

Do you feel as if you do not belong? Not just in this harsh society - but in your family and on this planet?  Do you just feel alone, misunderstood, alienated and not sure what your purpose is or why you are here? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Tracy hears this often from her clients and sees a lot of that kind of talk online. So many people - young and old, isolated or ostracised - who have exactly the same perception and self-questions. Far above any other age group, this seems to be the case from the early 20s to middle to late 30s age groups, most of whom are Star Seeds.


SoulStars is a group that is being created for people like you to start discovering your purpose and origin, discovering how your brain has been hard wired and how the conditioning you have received from society at large has stopped you from reaching and seeing your potential in the place where your spirit has chosen to be in this lifetime.


Sessions are online where like-minds can connect and create from anywhere in the world. If you are older than 13, connect with Tracy for a free introductory session to see if this is something that you would like to explore.