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Attracting Your Desires

The universe gives us what we focus on, not necessarily what we want.  This is a difficult concept in a world that is constantly feeding us the negative in any narrative.  We are programmed to say “I do not want this or that” The Universe does not hear the do not want and we often attract exactly what you did not want, causing a spiral of doubt and suffering!


Have you ever decided that you would like a new car, place to stay, game, or any other thing, that no one seems to have at the time and when you achieve this goal, suddenly everyone seems to be driving the same car or playing the same game?  If you have experienced a pregnancy or had a loved one fall pregnant, all you see are pregnant people?


There is a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The Reticular Activating System starts above your spinal cord and it's about five centimetres long, it's about the width of a pencil, and it's where all your senses come in. Well, except for your smell, which goes into your emotional centre of your brain, but the rest of them come in through the RAS and what the RAS does is really connect that subconscious part of our brain with the conscious part of our brain.


The TimeLine of change is a way of focusing your brain on letting go of old belief systems and alerting your brain to what it is you want to attract in the short term as well as the future. This is nothing short of a magical way of changing your life and what you attract.  Allowing you to attract what you truly desire without doubt and conscious thinking.


“After doing a TimeLine of Change session with Tracy, in 6 short months, my life had changed and all that I had envisaged had come to pass.  I had my dream job & had met the man of my dreams.  This process is truly magical” H.P.